Start your interview process by calling various basement finishing contractors in your area. Search out qualified contractors that are state licensed, have relevant experience and have good references for their work.

Only hire a licensed contractor.  Remodeling contractors are legally required to be licensed in Minnesota. To keep their license, contractors are required to take continuing education classes and must maintain proper professional conduct. Verify a contractor’s license number on the MN Department of Labor website to insure they are current and are in good standing.

Check out the Contractor’s references. Contractors will most likely love to share with you completed customer surveys or a portfolio of their completed projects. You may want to contact the references and ask questions such as:

  • Were you pleased with the contractor’s workmanship?
  • Did the contractor adhere to the project schedule and contract terms?
  • Was the contractor willing to make necessary changes or corrections when needed?

During these initial interviews with potential basement finishers, it is also in your benefit to ask questions that are specific to your home remodeling project, for example to verify they’ve completed similar projects before. Based on these interviews, narrow your list of potential contractors down to about 3 qualified remodeling contractors.

8 Steps For a Stress Free Home Remodel

  1. Interview Potential Contractors
  2. Discuss Your Remodeling Plans
  3. Set a Remodeling Budget
  4. Hire a Qualified Contractor
  5. Iron Out Contract Details
  6. Keep a Remodeling Records File
  7. Know What To Expect During Construction
  8. Communicate With Your Contractor