As part of our project proposal, we tell you the exact date we guarantee your basement project will be completed by.

How can we do this?

  • Finishing basements is all we do.
  • We know how much time it takes to perform each task.
  • We schedule your basement project on a calendar to be used by all contractors before we start the project.
  • We start your material selection process two (2) weeks before construction begins.
  • We do not allow any down time. We will be on site every day, unless were ahead of schedule.
  • I own Edvenson Homes and I am on the jobsite every day to oversee the progress of the project.


  • We use the same contractors year after year. They understand our standards and our schedules.
  • Contractors receive a project calendar before the job starts to guarantee our install date.
  • We interact with each contractor and supplier on a daily basis to head off any problems that may arise.

What happens if we miss the completion date?

It hasn’t happened yet!