Don’t sign ANYTHING until you completely understand what you are signing. A signed contract legally binds you and the contractor to the remodeling project. Always be sure to ask questions until you understand all of the terms of the contract.

The contract should be detailed and precise in every aspect of your project. Ensure these details are included:

  • Remodeling contractor’s name, address, and license number.
  • Name and registration number of any salesperson that may have solicited or negotiated the contract.
  • The start and end date of remodeling construction.
  • A detailed description of the remodeling plans and specifications. This includes the materials and equipment that will be used or installed.
  • Information regarding all permits and permission that will be required to complete the remodeling project.
  • The total remodeling cost, financial terms and payment schedule written in dollars and cents. Included in this is the down payment amount (not more than 10%) and the amount of each preceding payment.
  • Include or attach warranties to the contract. Warranties offered by the contractor for labor and materials as well as manufacture warranties for products installed by the contractor.
  • A liability insurance form explaining the coverage.
  • Lien-release clause if permitted by local law.
  • Add all verbal and written agreements in precise detail.

Only sign the contract when you understand all of the terms. Remember that a signed contract binds both you and the contractor to the remodeling project. Any changes made after the contract should also be noted in writing. Once your contract is finalized and signed, be sure to get a copy right away and keep it for your records.

8 Steps For a Stress Free Home Remodel

  1. Interview Potential Contractors
  2. Discuss Your Remodeling Plans
  3. Set a Remodeling Budget
  4. Hire a Qualified Contractor
  5. Iron Out Contract Details
  6. Keep a Remodeling Records File
  7. Know What To Expect During Construction
  8. Communicate With Your Contractor