Keep in mind that the contractor you hire will be working in and around your home for the duration of the project. So hire one with a personality and level of customer service that you feel comfortable with and who has the expertise and proof of reliability needed to finish your basement.

Look for these warning signs prior to hiring your contractor as they may lead to trouble.

  • The name, address, telephone, licensing, or insurance of the contractor cannot be verified.
  • The contractor doesn’t carry liability insurance and or worker’s compensation. This can put you and your insurance company in a tough situation.
  • The remodeling contractor cannot secure a bond when requested.
  • You are feeling pressured into signing a contract with special discounts or scare tactics.
  • The contractor will not offer references upon request, or the references appear fraudulent.
  • You cannot contact the contractor directly with questions.
  • The contractor wants the entire remodel paid for in advance or wants the payments in cash only.
  • You are asked to take the role as the builder or project manager during construction.
  • The contractor doesn’t have a good reputation when checked with the local building department, trade associations, consumer protection agency, internet resources or the Better Business Bureau.
  • You are asked to make your final payment before the remodeling project is completed.

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8 Steps For a Stress Free Home Remodel

  1. Interview Potential Contractors
  2. Discuss Your Remodeling Plans
  3. Set a Remodeling Budget
  4. Hire a Qualified Contractor
  5. Iron Out Contract Details
  6. Keep a Remodeling Records File
  7. Know What To Expect During Construction
  8. Communicate With Your Contractor