Most homes built in Minnesota have a basement which is usually unfinished.  People finish this space within a few years of purchasing their home. By far, this is the most economical way to add living space to meet your families needs. The average finished basement is between 800 sq ft and 1500 sq ft and will take between 7 and 10 weeks to complete.

The process is the same no matter what the size.  All basements start with framing and end with carpet. The design possibilities are as endless as potential customers.  A basement is more that just the standard three rooms with sheet rocked walls, drop ceilings and oak trim. Look at your lifestyle and what you enjoy doing and then incorporate those ideas into your space.

Today, we have family rooms that have a fireplace, wet bar, open stair case, wains coating, wood floors and much more.  Our bathrooms have turned into spa retreats with heated floors, rain heads, steam showers and granite tops with under mount sinks.  If you love movies, a theater with raised seating and surround sound will excite the kids.  Also, the different types of trim and cabinets that are available are numerous.  Try mixing up different species of woods for a real high end custom look.  There is no law that says the basement has to look like the upstairs, so make a statement that is creative and exciting.