• Use 10” x 6” ceiling heads/registers and 6” hard pipe for the forced air heat runs. Do not use flex because it will slow the airflow down.
  • Use 14” x 6” frames/grills for the cold air returns and make sure 6” or 7” hard pipe or flex is used. Install the frames 14” off floor, not near the ceiling.  This will allow the air to be pulled down to the floor to evenly heat the space | Basement Remodeling Champlin.
  • Make connection to cold air return duct on final if possible, so no construction dust is sucked into the furnace.
  • If possible, use a zoned heating system with its own thermostat | Basement Contractors Champlin.

Trim and Doors

  • All doors should be pre-hung with one side of casing applied and the other side loose to be installed by carpenter.
  • There is a wide range of quality when it comes to interior doors. A lower priced door will save you money, but in the long run will give you years of frustration.
  • Solid core doors are better than hollow core because they are constructed better, more difficult to damage, look nicer, and operate better.
  • Purchase doors and trim at a lumberyard rather than a big box store. They offer a better selection and quality.
  • When purchasing base and casing, use solid instead of veneered.  A more even stain color is achieved | Basement Finishing Companies Champlin.
  • Use pine or cedar shims, not plastic | Finished Basement Ideas Champlin.
  • Make sure all mitered joints are glued and pin nailed | Basement Refinishing Champlin.
  • Order the door hinges to match the doorknob finish | Basement Remodel Cost Champlin.
  • All doors must be hung ½” above concrete floor if there is carpet. Never install a doorjamb directly on concrete because moisture can wick up and it will fall apart.
  • All doors must be shimmed on both sides in at least 3 points | Finished Basement Cost Champlin.
  • The gap on the top and knob side of each door must be equal.
  • All mitered joints must touch, NO gaps or putty | Basement Renovations Champlin.
  • Strike plates for doorknobs must match the inset in the doorjamb | Cost to Finish a Basement Champlin.
  • If you are going to enamel the trim work, do not use maple trim or doors. Use MDF materials; it comes pre-primed and at a lower cost.


  • Never rule out custom cabinets, they are not always more expensive and you get what you want | Basement Remodeling Champlin.
  • Meet with the cabinet designer as soon as possible to allow enough time to be designed, built and delivered. They will take 3 to 5 weeks to get.
  • When ordering cabinets, select a finished interior and hidden hinges. This will make cleaning easier and allow for door adjustment.