When you finish your basement there are many areas to think about that are critical to the success of the project. Listed below are items and processes to remember.

Concrete and Stone

  • Make sure there are no water problems.  Check your sump pump, window wells, landscaping and gutters for any issues.
  • Repair all cracks in the floor or walls | Basement Remodeling Plymouth
  • Waterproof the interior walls if there is dampness or water issues | Basement Contractors Plymouth
  • When designing the face for the fireplace, use cultured stone. It is an inexpensive choice over natural stone and looks the same.


  • Install shut off valves for each hot and cold water line | Basement Finishing Companies Plymouth
  • Use expanding foam under the tub or fiberglass shower to keep it from flexing or cracking and will keep it warmer.
  • Purchase plumbing fixtures from the whole sale house rather than the big box stores; you get better quality and a full warranty for labor and materials.
  • Install wood backing for the pedestal sink to fasten securely | Finished Basement Ideas Plymouth
  • For better comfort install the shower head at 7’, not 6’.
  • Use the plumber’s standard fixtures, it will save money | Basement Refinishing Plymouth
  • For more specialized fixtures go to a plumbing showroom, a design staff will be available to help you with selections.
  • Always install a back-up sump pump system for your drain tile system | Basement Remodel Cost Plymouth


  • Think about the location of outlets, switches, phone jacks and lights before the electrician arrives. Make notes on the blueprint and imagine everything in the room.
  • Do a walk-thru with the electrician when he starts | Finished Basement Cost Plymouth
  • Each area or room should be on it’s own circuit.
  • Use the soft plastic wall plates rather than the hard plastic | Basement Renovations Plymouth
  • Use fiberglass electrical boxes, they are much stronger | Basement Remodeling Plymouth
  • All outside walls need an electrical box with an (air tight) rubber flange
  • All light fixtures and ceiling fans are to be UL listed | Cost to Finish a Basement Plymouth
  • Recessed cans must be insulated rated if you use fiberglass in the ceiling for sound deadening.
  • Use childproof outlets.
  • Use dimmers and 3-way switches when possible to make the lighting friendlier.