Most projects that are built will require electrical and plumbing fixtures. These two items can be the make it or break it with your project so do not skimp in these areas. The lighting will set the mood for the living space and the plumbing will add functionality and comfort to using water.

There is almost an endless supply of electrical fixtures to put on your walls, ceiling or cabinets. Look at each space in your project and decide what you want to accomplish with it. You may need direct lighting over a table or a soft accent light for a picture on the wall. Recessed cans are a very popular option to provide overall lighting needs for a large room. Wall sconces provide a soft light on the walls and ceiling will change the atmosphere. Include under cabinet lights for highlighting countertops and puck lights for inside of cabinets. If you have a long and dark set of stairs, include a set of flush mount stair lights.

When choosing plumbing fixtures, make sure you purchase a good quality product. Stay away from the big box stores and cheap fixtures because you will get what you pay for. Chrome is the standard for all fixtures and you’ll pay more for oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, antique brass and polished brass. When choosing a toilet, there are over a hundred options from the size to how difficult it is to clog. Older adults will appreciate the comfort height option with dual flush and an oval bowl. Look at what you don’t like about your existing plumbing fixtures and find something different.

If you are having a hard time deciding what to purchase, consult an interior designer or see a specialist in lighting and plumbing.