A great remodeling project starts with a great design. Your space is more than a family room or a bath. It is an extension of you and your family’s lifestyle. You will spend many years of entertaining friends, family and neighbors in your new space. Spend some time thinking about what your family likes to do in their spare time and incorporate those fun activities into your plans. If you like movies, then maybe a theater room with raised platform seating and a projection screen is right for you.

There are many ways to get ideas for finishing your basement. With the internet available the ideas are endless and overwhelming. Search out contractor web sites for samples of photos or log on to houzz.com and find millions of ideas. You can also go the old fashion route and look at home and remodeling magazines. The most exciting way to get ideas is to go to the Parade of Homes Fall or Spring Preview or to the Remodelers Showcase. These shows last about a month and are available throughout the Twin Cities.

Once you have your ideas all laid out you need to get them all on paper. If you are one who can’t visualize what your project will look like when completed you will need help. Now you need to decide if you need a designer, draftsman or an architect. Your decision will be based on the complexity of the project and the price of construction. There are many levels of services available. You can have very simple floor plans to hand drawn sketches to full blown 3D CAD drawings that include a virtual tour. The more you include the more it will cost. Most of the time, some form of these services will be needed.

It is important that you take your time and know exactly what your project will look like before construction starts. Once it starts, it can be expensive to make changes. Now that you have your design completed, it is time to choose a contractor.