1. Interview Potential Contractors

Start your interview process by calling various qualified basement finishing contractors in your area. [+] More details about what to look for when interviewing contractors.

2. Discuss Your Remodeling Plans

Once you have narrowed it down to about three potential contractors, present your detailed plans to each one and ask for a bid or proposal[+] More information for getting your basement finishing project started.

3. Set a Remodeling Budget

Set up a budget for your project and look into financing needs. [+] Read more details about setting a basement remodeling budget.

4. Hire a Qualified Contractor

Hire a contractor with a personality and level of customer service that you feel comfortable with and who has the expertise and proof of reliability needed to finish your basement. [+] More information about hiring a qualified contractor.

5. Iron Out Contract Details

Don’t sign ANYTHING until you completely understand what you are signing. [+] Read about some things that should always be kept in mind and included in your remodeling contract.

6. Keep a Remodeling Records File

Keep a file specifically for all of your remodeling information for you and your contractor to use as a reference point. [+] Take a look at some of the papers your remodeling record file should include.

7. Know What To Expect During Construction

Things can be hectic once your basement construction begins; expect some inconveniences, but these are all routine. [+] Read some more of what to expect during your remodeling project.

8. Communicate With Your Contractor Regularly

Talk openly with your contractor about progress being made, expectations of the project and any problems that come up. [+] Communicating with your contractor is arguably the most important step.