• Use 5/8” ceiling rock (4’ x 12’ if possible-less waste and lower costs) | Cost to Finish a Basement Maple Grove.
  • Use 1/2” wall rock (4’ x 12’ if possible-less waste and lower costs) | Finished Basement Cost Maple Grove.
  • If ½” Strong Rock is available for the ceiling, use it.
  • Corner bead should be clamped or mudded on, NO nails.
  • Corners and around tub should use Dura-Bond instead of standard mud, this makes those areas stronger and water resistant.
  • Nail the edges and screw the inside of the drywall | Basement Remodeling Maple Grove.
  • Drywall should not touch the concrete | Basement Renovations Maple Grove.
  • Drying time in between coats is required; at least one day or more if its humid, the surface must be dry but also underneath.
  • Use fans in each room to move the air to help with the dry time | Basement Remodel Cost Maple Grove.
  • Use a vacuum attached to the sander when sanding the walls | Basement Refinishing Maple Grove.
  • Use sweeping compound on the floor when cleaning up dust and then shop vac everything.
  • Ceiling is always installed perpendicular to joists and the walls are installed horizontally.
  • When sanding the drywall, turn off the furnace.


  • If possible, spray all varnish and sealer. The finished product is 100% better.
  • Stain is to be brushed on and wiped off with a rag | Finished Basement Ideas Maple Grove.
  • Always putty the nail holes before the varnish is installed | Basement Finishing Maple Grove.
  • Instead of using standard varnish for the final coat, use catalyzed lacquer, which is a much harder product that will last forever.
  • Once all woodwork is completed, it must be taped and papered off. Do not allow any freehand painting and cleanup the mess later.
  • If possible, enameled woodwork should be sprayed on, all joints and nails must be caulked | Basement Contractors Maple Grove.
  • Walls are not paint ready after the drywall is sanded, much more work is needed. After priming walls, all scratches, dents and blemishes must be spackled, sanded and re-primed before painting, if walls are eggshell, do it again, and use a halogen light shinning at an angle to spot these problem areas. More time will be spent on wall preparation than actually painting | Basement Remodeling Maple Grove.
  • If all the trim work and cabinets are delivered unfinished, install them first before finishing.
  • Use midrange to high quality paint.
  • With knock down ceilings, it must be painted with ceiling white paint and tinted if needed. Paint must be sprayed and not rolled. It must be sprayed; one coat in each direction or lines will show up.

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